October 2015 - Lighty gets awarded

A project log for Lighty - world's first robotic pico projector

Lighty is a 4DOF mobile robot whose aim is to empower pico projectors. Before Lighty, setting up a movie was really difficult.

Ovidiu SandruOvidiu Sandru 07/23/2017 at 15:370 Comments

Because I had an issue with getting myself filmed and the time it took to learn how to make movies properly, the crowdfunding had been delayed and with it the whole Lighty project. Meanwhile, we used it to watch movies almost every evening. The entire setup had stood up the test of time. Over one year of continuous usage as an Internet radio during the day and bedtime projector in the evening, with countless hours of tinkering, improving the design, playing (our little girl used it the most) - all of these said this was a good design.

My friend Radu Motisan then suggested we should attend a local innovation contest that was going on at the time in Timisoara. I went there, people were impressed and I got a $12,000 prize destined to help bring Lighty to the market. 

Then came the real work: I founded a company - Lighty Electronics and started to acquire a CNC, a 3D printer, various materials and modules for testing various possibilities.

I had still wished for Lighty to be the way I first designed it: with a tablet, sensors and everything. But building a prototype was easy - making it feasible for series production and making it price competitive was a tough fight.