Revised Revision B iteration finalization

A project log for 4chord MIDI

4chord MIDI - the USB MIDI keyboard to play every major hit pop song with four little buttons.

Sven GregoriSven Gregori 08/09/2017 at 23:230 Comments


Finished all items on my TODO list, and threw in some extra changes to - hopefully - end up with a slightly less amateurish PCB design. I'm still working on finding some better buttons than the cheap ones I have lying around for the menu navigation. They simply need a bit too much force and I'm just not happy with their feel. Especially in comparison with the chord buttons that are just so damn smooth. But knowing what to look for now, will make this a smaller issue.

Apart from that, latest changes are in the Github repo in the feature/hardware-revision-b branch (once I get the latest iteration and am happy with it, it will be merged in the master branch), and I just sent the design to OSH Park (which will have the PCB as shared project the same time the feature branch gets merged to master).