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A project log for Upgrading a Wilfa coffee grinder

Adding custom grinding presets to a Wilfa grinder, presented on a small oled display

bjarkethomsen1bjarkethomsen1 08/05/2017 at 20:510 Comments

To control interface is consisting of four main parts: 

The encoder is used to select the different presets. As of now, there are two presets for aeropress and 7 for drip coffee. A curcuit from a mobile charger is providing supply voltage to the arduino from mains. 

I had some problems with noice on the encoder signal. I used two 0.1uf caps and 10k resistors to do a hardware debounce, which worked great. 

Franken-grinderCalibrating rate of ground coffee

I needed to figure out the rate of coffee ground pr second. To do this i simply grind for a specified time interval and measure the mass of ground coffee. Calculating backwards i get a rate of:

Now it is easy to convert the amount of coffee from grams to seconds of grinding. 

Further work: