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A project log for Dementia-friendly music player

Lovechild of MP3 & 1940s radio UI. For seniors with dementia who can no longer use CDs & iPods. Good project for kids.

Ross PorterRoss Porter 11/05/2017 at 23:120 Comments

It's been a fun few days on the project.

I spoke with a group that connects non-profits with needs to makers with skills. That could turn out to be a really good way to get more dementia-friendly music players to people that need them.

I talked with a 3D printing expert who gave me some tips on designing a 3D printable case, as an alternative to the current laser cut case.

And I got a wonderful message from someone that made a dementia-friendly music player for his father. This is why we do it:

I recently assembled a dqmusicbox per your instructions - and it just . worked. Yesterday I turned over my incarnation of the box to my father. It has been a long time since I saw such an emotional reaction from him. I let him at it without explanations at all, and he made it work without instructions. He could not help me much naming songs and music he would like for the box, so I went from my own memory of what he enjoyed listening to. Some of his favorites triggered immediate responses - I should have filmed it. It is perhaps early to say, but I think this is a very nice thing for him to have, and that he will be enjoying it quite a lot down his path.