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A project log for Thermal Watch

An attempt to design a watch that integrates a thermal camera, whilst remaining sleek.

joshua-elsdonJoshua Elsdon 07/25/2017 at 19:000 Comments


If you have gotten this far you probably know that I intend to build a watch. This is correct. I can also assume that this information alone is not enough to satiate your curiosity, so here I will provide a few cheeky details of my plan. 


The watch must be:


You can view the hardware in its unfinished state (Unless you are reading this in the future, in which case, the project is done and the files are gorgeous) here. Currently the hardware is based on 3 main components. Processor: STM32L432, Camera: FLIR Lepton,  Screen: 1.27" OLED ssd1351. 

Additionally to these main components there will be a light sensor for appropriately dimming the display. A UV index sensor, because I am pale and I drink SPF50+ to survive. And some bright LED's for convenient wrist mounted light when you are under a desk renovating a desktop. 

In order to allow the camera to point outward from the user I will be using a flex PCB with rigid sections. There will be 3 parts: the thermal camera pointing out, the watch face on top of the wrist, and the push buttons facing the user.


I will be attempting to use ChibiOS and uGFX primarily. I know that I will need to stretch the STM32 pretty hard to get the Camera read out and the screen update to all meet their timing constraints. Also if I want to run some simple games then having a nice graphics library is nice to have.    


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