A project log for Thermal Watch

An attempt to design a watch that integrates a thermal camera, whilst remaining sleek.

joshua-elsdonJoshua Elsdon 08/18/2017 at 21:370 Comments


Just a small update. The PCB is basically done for the watch. As I think was mentioned before, the watch will eventually be constructed on flex PCB, with sections made rigid with stiffening panels on the back. 

The flex cable to the OLED display will post through the long hole on the right. The circular object on the top left is the vibration motor. Most of the rest of the design are various power supply and management circuits. At the bottom of the above image you can see the high brightness white LEDs, which I think will be a very useful feature, as we cannot see in the dark (oh wait, with this watch we can ;) ) 

On this image the block on the right is the thermal camera. The one in the middle is the battery. The oled is not rendered here, but it will (I guess somewhat obviously) sit on-top of the battery. On the left is the d-pad style switch with centre click. Next to it are the visual spectrum light sensor for detecting ambient light, so that you don't blind yourself in the middle of the night with the super bright OLED. Adjacent to this is a UV index sensor. I was birthed with the ability to burn in the sun very quickly, now I will be able to quantify the sun by sticking my arm out briefly from the shadows so I can have data on what I am missing out on. 

You may notice that there is a large flange all the way around the PCB, this is to simplify the waterproofing process. If the PCB goes all the way to the edge every where there will be no 'seem' to form a channel through the rubber gaskets, of which there will be many. Many many gaskets. 

I will be prototyping this on rigid board first. So wish me luck. (the small section near the slot for the OLED looks rather snap-able eh.)