PCB prototype assembled.

A project log for Thermal Watch

An attempt to design a watch that integrates a thermal camera, whilst remaining sleek.

joshua-elsdonJoshua Elsdon 10/17/2017 at 10:470 Comments

Just some images to up my street cred. 

Solder flux in a syringe was a major help in sorting the shorts that developed on the flex connector. 

The connector for the thermal camera is hard to get hold of in the UK, so I got mine out of the FLIR One that I salvaged the sensor from. 

With display and battery. Also shortbread is fantastic. 100 calories each, can easily finish a pack of 10. 

The design is rather slim, with some room for the vibration motor and the casing, it should be about the same thickness as my current (no thermal camera) wrist watch. 

Still need to do the bring up, I can confirm that I can program the board, though by default all the power supplies are off, so I need to verify them before risking the higher value components like the camera and the oled. Also there is no off switch, so I would need to get the low power features working to some extent before I can solder the battery in. Simply putting things to sleep should be enough, just need to configure a wakeup pin, and perhaps find a way of detecting on chip that I am in a debug session, so that I can spin loop rather than sleeping (which would kill the debug session).