ML501 Frequency Detector Counter

here you can know Prescaler ICs, Detector and Counter
project will give you easy probes

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at, first should change smd IC to DIP, because of the ic have is SMD, SOP-24-4 adaptor should be fine.
the should take look pinout, of course pinout and Circuit should have some capacitor and Resistors to tune, you can find on Photos,
74HC74 is the IC that will give you nice output for probes to Oscilloscope or other calculation devices, like amplifier, counter or seven segment drivers,...
look at schematic, I used telescopic antenna as input, but you are able to use all incoming frequencies from 100HZ to 1.8Ghz
input voltage should be 5.1 to 5.8 Vol and regulated voltage is much more better.
one Transistor need also, from Prescaler IC to 74HC74, the ic is 2N2369 for pinout check with Circuit,

one of famous SignalCounter Detectors are garage remote door counter like 5$(box) chines model available on pics,

thanking you all in advanced,


the movie will show you how work device, in Persian.. will upload English version Soon ,THANKS for Watching.........

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