Pedro Robot full kit is available on Tindie:

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You can also order your Pedro Robot 3D printed on Thingiverse:

Pedro Petit Robot 3D printing

Pedro Robot - Graphical User Interface

Pedro Robot - Demonstration

See below for the Arduino code used for this demonstration.


Pedro Robot is equipped with 4 mini SG90 servo motors.

Pedro Robot is a programmable robot with the Arduino IDE thanks to an embedded card equipped with an Atmega328 microcontroller with a storage capacity of 1024 bytes enabling it to record a sequence of 255 positions on each axis and to replay them continuously. The Pedro board is powered by 5V 4A and has 2 pushbuttons each connected to a pilot led allowing different functions to be realized (example: button 1 to register or initialize the movements of the robot, button 2 to replay or stop robot movements, "You're only limited by your imagination" Pedro Robot can be controlled by 4 potentiometers, each connected to an axis, base, shoulder, elbow and gripper. The Pedro card has a USB TTL serial link to connect Pedro Robot with a computer.

Board components required

Arduino mapping with Pedro board

Module USB-TTL

   Driver required : CP2102


Easily programming with Arduino Software (IDE).

A graphical user interface allows to control Pedro Robot with more function like manage speed. It's developed in python 3 and it's available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Pedro Robot is open source, free software. Please select the download for your platform below.

Design 3D printing

The 3D printing files are avaiable here.

Why choose Pedro Robot?

Pedro Robot is accessible to any teacher, student, programmer, artist, designer, amateur or even curious to learn the basics of robotics.

  1. Multi platform: The Pedro Robot interface developed in python 3 as well as the Arduino IDE are available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  2. Open source software: The entire code of the Pedro Robot interface developed in python 3 is open source and free to any modification and/or improvement.
  3. Open source hardware: The Pedro Robot embedded circuit is fully open source with wiring diagram of the components. The circuit is easily realizable on a breadboard type test plate.
  4. Open source 3D design: All 3D modules are available as a free .stl file for those who wish to print their own robot.
  5. Fun and Safe Way to Learn
  6. Weight = 0,265 Kg

Design Tools

Pedro is proud to use the following open source project and software.