Create a connected glove, full of sensors to learn hand signs for deaf people and display them on android smart watch

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Arduino, Flexsensors, IMU, glove, bluetooth, smartwatch and mathematics data treatment, this is all you need in order to recognize simple gesture in real time.

This project main goal is to provide an open source and low cost platform for "gesture to speech" for deaf people.

Deaf people still have communication difficulties nowadays, even if affordable technologies permits to assist them.

An assistive technology is a device that helps a person with hearing loss or a voice, speech, or language disorder to communicate. 

With the development of digital and wireless technologies, more and more devices are becoming available to help people with hearing, voice, speech, and language disorders communicate more meaningfully and participate more fully in their daily lives.

Our CRI Lab Summer  School team, "les INCAPTABLES"  has decided to create a prototype of a connected glove in order to recognize gesture from hands signs langage and to translate it to pictures on a smart watch.

Emilie, Malèke, Julien are using their skills in Arduino, Android, Movuino project (from CRI), flexsensors in order to make this glove a reality.

Our first version of glove, "Back to the Senses" is able to recognize 4 signs, and transmit them by Wifi, and display them on a smart watch or a smart phone.

Les Incaptables

Project B2TheSense.pdf

Adobe Portable Document Format - 348.00 kB - 08/10/2017 at 09:13



Appinventor2 source code (MIT) allows to connect using wifi to Movuino sensors (IMU). Needs wifi hotspot to work. Display the instant values of sensors

aia - 33.03 kB - 08/08/2017 at 09:09



With the support of the Movuino project, we upgrade this super sensor board (accelerometer + gyroscope) : creation of a Webserver to provide sensors data using http://movuinoipaddress/sensor/1 with a simple internet browser

ino - 6.95 kB - 08/03/2017 at 10:18



Update with "one display" message when flex or ext on any sensors Fix 5 flexsensors to a glove, then connect them to Arduino. Upload the code and each time a finger is flexed, a message on serial output appears

ino - 4.42 kB - 07/28/2017 at 11:40


  • 5 × 10k ohm resistor (1 per flexsensor)
  • 1 × 1 arduino uno board
  • 5 × flex sensors (1 per finger)
  • 1 × glove
  • 1 × Wifi chip

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    System description

    The sign language translator uses a glove fitted with sensors that can interpret a few signs. The glove uses flex sensors, microprocessor and accelerometer (Movuino) in three dimensions to gather data on each finger’s position and the hand’s motion to differentiate the words. The translation is transmitted to the microcontroller, which displays as well as pronounces the words. The hardware components used in the Smart Glove are flex sensors, accelerometer, microprocessor, Wifi and PC. Accelerometer or tilt sensor is used to detect the twisting of the hand. 

    Microprocessor receives the signal from the sensors of the glove, analyses and calculates the data from distinct gestures. It gathers processes and sends data to the control system. 

    The microprocessor is programmed using the Arduino software.

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    Installation guide

    3 iterative steps are important to install our solution :

    1. Test the flexsensors part using glove + arduino (uno) + flex + serial + PC 
    2. Test the IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope) part using movuino + serial + PC then with Wifi 
    3. Test the display feature (smartphone) using android APK + wifi

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