Percepto Experiment: Superhero Senses for Anybody

Adding new senses, or augment the existing ones. No implants required. Without any overlaid screens or images.

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Gain new senses, like for example being able to feel the cars around without looking into the rear mirror, or having a bird eye view while seeing normally from the ground level too, or giving vision to blind people, or feeling the Internet traffic, or any other things like that.

No implants are necessary, but requires some training.

The project is based on mapping a 2D matrix to a 1D vector using Hilbert's Curve. The 1D vector can be feed to the brain as an audio signal, transmitted directly to the internal ear through bone conduction.

In theory, anything that can be represented by a 2D matrix (like a screen) can be mapped in a 1D vector (like an audio signal).

The required training is for teaching the brain how to make sense of the new stream of information, and for how to use the new senses together with the already existing ones.

What will be the maximum audio resolution? How much extra data can be fed to a brain? How long will be the training? Will it work?

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Jean Pierre Le Rouzic wrote 07/30/2017 at 08:01 point

Hi, when I had to do my military service time (40 years ago!) I operated a portable electromagnetic Doppler radar with a user interface that used sounds. Curiously it was named "Oliphant".

Super senses may also be about internal parts of the body. It can actually be very useful to counteract the effects of an immune system in overdrive or to teach some trick to the autonomic nervous system. The DARPA launched a program on that subject a few years ago:,-nerve--stimulating-bionode-to-treat-inflammation.html

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Morning.Star wrote 07/29/2017 at 04:57 point

Hey RoGeorge.

Interesting project, I'm going to keep a receptor on it ;-p

Can I ask why you used the phrase 'superhero' senses? And not just super senses... Fiction I know, but House MD said it better than anyone I've heard. This isnt aimed at you, and I paraphrase. ;-)

"You're average, which means you get to draw a line around it. Anything inside the line is normal, and everything outside the line gets a chance to be bent and broken so it fits inside the line..."

There are a race of supers on this planet, enhanced humans that were created by bending and breaking the non-average to fit in a box in the corner of everyone's living room. Why anyone would give up their humanity to become this is beyond me, because speaking from the other side of that line it isnt much fun even though it looks it.

Just remember to add an off-switch.


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RoGeorge wrote 07/29/2017 at 12:24 point

Since you asked why 'superhero' instead of 'super', I can only find reasons that reinforce the choice for 'superhero'. It was not a choice based on fiction, but on feelings associated with that word.

'Superhero Senses' sparkle the imagination about helping people and doing good things, while 'Super Senses' rather makes one think about some scary capabilities that can put any over normal people into inferiority.

But first, I want to say that I totally disagree with the message sent by that House MD quote.

It reminds me of a novel where a guy was judged and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a 2 by 2 meter cell made of unbreakable glass. The cell was not real, and there were no guards, but he was conditioned to think that the walls are there, so he never tried to leave his imaginary prison.

That House MD quote is such a downer!

We were given only one shot to life, and so far it's time limited, so either:
- I'm average, a clear line delimits my abilities, the universe is cold and dark, better stay safe in my place, or
- dream big, be a playful child, see the world like the most beautiful miracle, explore and enjoy it

Now, which one should we choose to believe in?

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Morning.Star wrote 08/02/2017 at 08:29 point

Well thats fair enough, I cant argue with wanting to inspire others.

As to the House quote, I was referring to discrimination, which is an awful thing to have to live with. I'm sorry you see it as a downer, but democratically speaking average is the majority, and you havent seen first-hand how poorly it's treated my daughter - and indeed myself - over the decades for not being average. Realism, a degree of cynicism yes, but I am taken way too seriously. That box I referred to was the TV, you know the magic one in the corner that bestows riches fame and popularity on anyone lucky/stupid enough to get sucked into it. Suddenly the disabled are no longer helpless but heroes, nay superheroes for the same things that earned them pity in the gutter at best. The hypocrisy of the average is tangible here, when it calls me and my daughter freaks in public, but hey.

Sounds like a depressing book. I prefer the one about the poop-scraper who gets discovered after a lifetime of scraping the palace floor, that he's really the cleverest old man in all the lands, and has a secret talent of bringing trash to life with his bare hands, like some kind of magic. There's also some dark and moral stuff about a curse on him and it wouldnt be much of a story without a wicked witch and her army of grey toads now, would it?

You get write the happy ending for this one, by believing in magic. If you all believe the Reluctant King will ever break the curse and chase the old bag clean back to the foul place whence she came, then come to pass it May. ;-D

Mark N has a request for some feathers, tar and the mother all brushes to be involved in the final chapter. Check check and, (Muahahahah) check. I do like a bit of old-school.

You do realise thats the only way to make a dream real, right? It takes everybody else to believe or it stays a dream. Thats how the magic in the box works too, my friends.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate everything.

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