The initial idea

A project log for AIRee

A creative way of visualizing Data on air pollution.

manuela-moManuela Mo 08/10/2017 at 19:020 Comments

The project idea started with the ambition of creating a device that measures the level of pollution in water and which is integrated in an artistic sculpture. According to the level of the tested substances’ concentrations (and pollution) the sculpture would change its form and/or color, representing the obtained results in real-time.

The device was requested by the owner of the “Ferme Européenne des Enfants", a pedagogical farm in Normandy, France, aimed for children to learn about the traditional and ecological/organic farm life (milking the cow, picking eggs, shaving sheeps' wool, feeding) and ecological awareness.

First Brainstorming for the project

Creating our first Origami prototypes for the project.