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Raspberry Pi zero portable music player

brambram 05/14/2018 at 20:140 Comments


Why did I build this?

I had some spare time when I heard Apple was discontinuing their Ipod line. While I was reading about it I remembered that I had most part to build a MP3 player laying around, so I decided to build one.

Project cost

The price of this project is an approximation because I had most of the parts laying around.

Raspberry Pi zero€ 5,50
I2S DAC€ 3,00
1.8" TFT display€ 4,00
Powerboost 500C€ 17,95
1200 mAh battery
€ 11,95
64GB SD card
€ 30,99
Other small bits and pieces€ 5,00
Total€ 78,39


Ethernet gadget: