Update #7 Fully assembled PCB

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Raspberry Pi zero portable music player

brambram 06/12/2018 at 17:301 Comment

I have finally assembled a complete PCB, there are few change I will make on rev 2 but I have a prototype working. The power down function on this prototype isn't working yet and is kinda fixed by adding a slide switch. I've also decided to switch back to a PCM5102 DAC because I couldn't get a good enough clock pulse from the RPi to provide the CS4344 DAC with a MCLK. If I want to use this DAC I will have to add an external clock and for this I would have to redo the PCB and hope that I could get the drivers working. That's why I have decided to go back to the PCM5102 DAC on this prototype the DAC is sandwiched between the PCB and the RPi.


aleyer wrote 06/20/2018 at 16:04 point

Just wondering, do you have any headphones amplifier? PCM5102 minimum load resistance is 1kOhms according to the datasheet.

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