Coil Winding jig with foot pedal control

This is my coil winding jig project for doing inductors transformers and anything else you can think of

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I neede to wind a transformer coil for one of my projects with some thick wire. I could have done everything by hand, but why bother when you have some stepper motors laying around?

   Well, there's a lot of winding jigs out there, no doubt about it. Except I needed one for some thicker gauge wire. This meant that I had to use both hands to guide the wire onto the spool. That left me with no control over the rotational speed of the winder. Except for my feet, of course.

   The basic structure was cobbled up in about a day or so. I had an arduino around the house and a stepper driver, together with a NEMA23, 3.3 NM stepper.

The base is made out of some resin impregnated material, 15mm thick and some polycarbonate bits I also had in my junk bin.

  Once I got the electronics hooked up, I started writing the code. It's not very complicated and the part where I controlled the stepper was just copy and paste from an example  script.

   Because it's essential to know how many turns you wound, I added a small infrared optical sensor to the back of the motor. There's a 3D printed wheel with a cutout in it, o every revolution will increment a counter.

I have added preliminary files to this project, but if you want to check out the latest version, you can visit my GitHub project.

Yoou can also see the full project description  and pics on my blog page.

Pinion gear.gcode

This is the G-code for the pinon gear

gcode - 328.44 kB - 08/01/2017 at 18:36


Stepper Motor optical counter_SQUARE CUTOUT.STL

This is the STL file for an optical counter

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 27.43 kB - 08/01/2017 at 18:36



This is the STL file for the rack

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 45.79 kB - 08/01/2017 at 18:36



This is the Arduino sketch for running my Coil Winder routine

ino - 2.62 kB - 08/01/2017 at 18:31


  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × NEMA 23, 3.3 NM Stepper
  • 1 × AMIS-30543 Stepper Motor Driver
  • 1 × Various thick pieces of material for the frame

  • Just finished my Coil Winder project

    Razvan Caldararu08/15/2017 at 17:41 0 comments

      So, I've finished putting together the code for my coil winding jig. I've added  the code for the optical counter and threw in a reset switch, that resets the turns count.

    The display is your run of the mill  16x2 LCD.

    The Arduino code and also the other files for this build are in my GitHub repository. Also, for a full write-up, you can check out my blog page for this project.

    Here's a short demo video of the winder. Enjoy!

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