Wave One Sub 1Ghz IOT Sensors

A PCBA designed to make long distances low power IOT applications possible.

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Hello hackers, this projects designed to give more people access to the powerful reference design by Texas Instruments for IOT for special applications. The board design is unique in that it operated at sub 1Ghz and allows makers to leverage sub 1GHz radios for long range; Like kilometer long rang; and low power, like runs on a coin cell batter for days or months or years low power.

The CC1310 is no arduino (ATMEL IC) it's a power house running a real time operating system for task management and low power settings. You see low power really just means using energy more efficiently. So you can code this to last months on a small battery or add a solar panel for outdoor applications all using TI's IDE, Code Composer Studio for free. This IDE is based on Eclipse but has lots of example code and drivers to speed up development time.

Check out Group Gets to get you hands on this great PCBA, and checkout Git Hub for some source code.

Happy Hacking!

The PCBA contains some cool IC's to make getting started simple.

You can buy the Wave-One HERE 

  • CC1310 MCU : 48MHz Arm 4 processor with integrated DC/DC and Sub 1GHz Radio. 
  • BQ25505 :  Energy Harvesting IC for Low Power power generation
    • A DC jack is on the board for solar panels to charge the capacitor bank for outdoor operation.
  • HDC1000 Humidity and Temperature Sensor 
  • OPT3001 Ambient  Light Sensor 
  • 3V 2023 Coin Cell Battery Holder 
  • PCBA 915MHz Antenna 
  • 11 GPIO ports : configurable to anything. 

We designed these boards in a rush based on the CC1310 reference design as we needed them for testing a scientific hypothesis. The boards work great, we used about 20 of them to collected data around campus for 4 months running on solar and had no real issues. Except a squirrel... 

We used the CC1310 launch pads as both a gateway/base station to collected data from all the sensor and sent it to a computer; and also as the JTAG debugger. The launch pads are sold at cost from TI for $29 US. 

We  previously used these PCBA for development of our MVP. Because the MCU is so powerful and the E2E community is so helpful you can quickly get up and running with these powerful boards in an afternoon.  

We plan to add more information as we grow our own product and help others learn about the great MCU radios by TI; that are already in countless production products. 


PDF Schematic

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  • 1 × Wave-One A PCBA for Sub 1Ghz sensor nodes

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    Getting Started - Using the Wave One (If you are cool enough to have gotten one)

    First off I want to apologize for the price, we did a low volume R&D run paid for by a grant, so we are selling them to you at 10 over our manufacturing cost. Meaning that the price per board was high. If we find interest in these boards we can make more.  Ideally adding more more features and shrinking the size considerably, 1in by 1in PCBA's. 

    To get Started we have created a page on our website,

    This is the best place to get started as we will be updating it as we continue our own development.  

    The project is open sourced with an MIT licence, so you can copy and use these designs in your own projects. Or just help us make this platform better with great recommendations and ideas for improvement. 

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