A project log for biped test bed

just a test platform to try out a few ideas on

inklinginkling 08/19/2014 at 21:400 Comments

I had allowed two days to do the cabling and wiring, but in reality it took 2 weeks just for the main runs. Connections to the Arduino took a further week and although I had planned for a neat job, it never ever works out like that.

At this point I make 3 small tin-plate boxes from baby milk tins to house an Arduino Due and motor drivers. Currently the boxes are isolated from the frame but not yet grounded, so provide more physical protection than emi.
Rest of the month is spent calibrating the the pots and the joint angles they represent, end-limits etc. This all ends up on scraps of paper and eventually I need to put this all down in a form I can still understand in the future.