Storing the Generated Nitrogen

A project log for Nitrogen Separator / Generator

Using simple parts and fittings to create a reasonably capable nitrogen source.

Leo MahdessianLeo Mahdessian 08/05/2017 at 19:470 Comments

The current plan is store the produced nitrogen in a high pressure cylinder similar to what one would buy from a gas supply company. To do this, some sort of reservoir is needed on the output to create a buffer of gas that the high pressure compressor can empty. Without this, the high pressure compressor will pull a vacuum on the nitrogen generation system causing possible system failure or critical failure resulting in injury of those near by. Furthermore to prevent the high pressure compressor from creating a vacuum in the reservoir after it is emptied, a pressure control valve will need to be installed to control the compressor. 

One does not have to store the produced nitrogen at a high pressure but for certain applications it is more efficient due to the increased amount of gas stored. In one scenario where high pressure storage is advantageous is in the production of liquid nitrogen. Due to the large difference in densities between liquid and gaseous nitrogen, a large amount of nitrogen makes only a small amount of liquid nitrogen.