• A Name!

    anotheremily08/10/2017 at 14:53 0 comments

    Since this badge is based around decipher puzzles and ciphers in archaic/esoteric languages, I figure Rosetta (Badge) is an appropriate name.

  • A Preliminary Sketch

    anotheremily08/04/2017 at 19:34 0 comments

    This badge is brought to you by the number seven.

  • Let's Do It Again

    anotheremily08/01/2017 at 15:37 0 comments

    Now that I've caught up on sleep, I'm thinking about BB02.

    Here's my initial feature wishlist:

    • Wireless of some sort
    • No faux fur
    • Creative packaging
    • Fun UI
    • On board crypto challenges
    • Some sort of cryptocurrency integration

    Now off to build some tooling for BB02.