iPhone 4/4S LCD to HSMC Bridge

board and VHDL to drive an iPhone 4/4S LCD with Altera FPGAs using the HSMC available on many dev boards

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Altera has their High Speed Mezzanine Connector specification which details the physical and electrical characteristics for a high speed interface available on many of their development boards. I've created a small board which connects an iPhone 4/4S LCD to this connector, and am developing a small MIPI DSI HDL core which will allow you to display data on these LCDs.

There are currently no plans to support the digitizer interface. The goal of this project is simply LCD control.

The hardware is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license and the software under GPLv2. The project's home is located at .

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akohlsmith wrote 08/01/2014 at 20:29 point
Thanks for the info; the link isn't actually dead, is just screwing up the link capture and is including the period that is ending the sentence. I'll see if I can adjust this.

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JTR wrote 08/01/2014 at 20:25 point
link is dead :(

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