Building our own hardware

A project log for PassKey: Portable login dongle

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sergio-demian-lernerSergio Demian Lerner 08/26/2014 at 02:460 Comments

July 2014.

We started to design our own first hardware platform. It does not have to be the best, but it must be cheap, small and fast. We did some back of the envelope computations about battery life and decided that a single core Linux microprocessor could handle all login traffic with no noticeable delay and at the same time won't drain the battery too soon. This is because we have special modes to offload computations to the PC where there is large file download or upload, without compromising the security. We'll add more information about this modes later. Also we're investigating selective proxying, where the high-security traffic is redirected to the PassKey and other low security traffic is not. This hybrid strategy preserves the baterry even more.