Laser carrier prototype ready

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PCB exposer using BluRay laser diode for exposing photosensitized PCBs (etch- and soldermask)

Terje IoTerje Io 06/01/2018 at 22:430 Comments

I finally managed to print a prototype laser carrier, or "print head", I am using a small brass host to house the laser diode. I will mount the driver PCB on top of the carrier (the picture below is a bottom view), total weight will be around 50g so perhaps it will be possible to increase the rendering speed a bit compared to my original design.

I wonder if the plastic (ABS) will hold up to the load, perhaps some reinforecment is needed for the belt grip (or whatever it is called). We'll see...

Driver PCB design is ready after some minor tweaks so a making a prototype is due next.