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A project log for PCB Exposer

PCB exposer using BluRay laser diode for exposing photosensitized PCBs (etch- and soldermask)

Terje IoTerje Io 06/10/2018 at 10:310 Comments

Custom board for MSP430F5310 has been made, and the firmware is running on a breakout board I have. The mechanincal design has been reviewed and only need a last QC before I laser cut new parts. After this is done I will publish the design. I guess dxf-files are okay for the acrylic parts - originals are in Vectric VCarve format and can be exported in a few other formats if anyone wants to replicate the machine.

Custom controller, can support Z-axis motor for focusing - stepper driver will have to be added to the "print head" board for that.

"Print head" driver board for the laser diode, the FDC connector can be replaced with a 4-pin pin-header for use with a MSP430G2553 LaunchPad - but then software controlled power adjustment is not possible.

Both PCBs are single sided and can thus easily be made with the exposer itself.