Arduino Segway

This is a easy-to-build Segway with Arduino Nano.

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This Segway is an open source project what I am building just for fun.
The Hardware is simple:

- H-bridge Shield
- Arduino Nano
- Accelerometer MMA7361
- NiMh Battery Pack with Six

First I had decided to use six NiMh battery cells, but I have a LiPo battery and a Step Up module, I used LiPo to can recharche the robot when I want, but it will works fine with both power sources.

The PCB was designed in Altium and Imported to SolidWorks, I will put the files in my GitHub later.

At this time, the robot is constructed. I had used 5V to power the motors, but I am thinking about change the supply at this time to 7 or 8 V and see what hapen.

I am implementing a supervisory sistem in LabVIEW so I can see the duty cycle of the motors (Input) and the angle of the accelerometer (Output) in real time. This will be used to calculate the gains of the PID controller based on some auto tuning method.


LabVIEW software to receive and plot the Input (Duty Cycle) and output (Angle).

MPEG-4 Video - 18.35 MB - 08/03/2017 at 07:19


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