Setup & Update the ESP8266 - Getting Started Guide

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Update the ESP8266 and connect it to Arduino IDE. A beginner tutorial for later use with Arduino and OpenHAB in my Home Automation series.


Hetal wrote 08/08/2019 at 10:13 point

I am working on setting up Mesh network using ESP 8266 module.

I have received the module and was going through the post for setting up the things.

I have a question,

Do I need to explicitly flash the firmware to my new module? or it will have firmware loaded and I can simply start working on interfacing it over UART.... use AT commands and configure the module?

I am confused because there are various posts on the similar lines but they talk about loading the firmware and all... However in my case I am not targeting any change  or programming in ESP8266.

I will connect the module with my MCU for configuring it and forming Mesh network.

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