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Super Powers For Your MSX Computer

Ronivon CostaRonivon Costa 10/12/2017 at 21:450 Comments

I made a batch of MSXPi with PCB manufactured in China - the final PCB are actually of good quality.
Since it is not a begginer project, I decided to assemble all units and sell almost ready to use - yes, almost because the full project requires an Raspberry Pi, SD card with Raspbian and the MSXPi software configured to boot up when MSXPi is switched on.
Despite new version of Raspberry Pi Zero launched, there are still a limit of how many RPi one can buy from a single reseller, and due to this limitation I was not able to provide MSXPi fully ready to use.

But I made available a prepared Raspbian image with MSXPi software, leaving for the user the task if downloading and writing the image to the SD, and solder the RPi into MSXPi - this requires soldering 7 joints only.