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Super Powers For Your MSX Computer

Ronivon CostaRonivon Costa 10/12/2017 at 21:510 Comments

1. Is it possible to redirect MSX video to HDMI?

R: No. And probably it will never be on this hardware.

2. is there a TCPIP stack available?

R: Not now, but this is in the wish list, and possible.

3. Can I use USB and Mouse with MSX?

R: Not now, but this is in the wish list, and possible.

4. Which Raspberry Pi model do I need?

R: The project is compatible with any model. But you will benefit (performance) from a newer, faster model.

5. Can I use EXECROM, LOADROM, SOFARUN to run games?

R: When booting into MSX-DOS using MSXPi, yes, you can. Also, in the future when we have NFS available, you can boot from any other device and still use such commands to access a virtual drive on Pi (which in fact could not only be Pi SD card, but also a network resource).

6. Can I use a case to accommodate the interface?

R: Not in this version, as it is socketed and won't fit in a case. Besides that, closing the Pi Zero in a small box may not be a good ideia, as that device usually heats a lot and will need some ventilation.

7. How is the development cycle, how often are there new commands and other programs?

R: This is a single-man project, so far, and I am been very busy developing the resources currently available. But I need help. I am trying to gather a community around the project, to start using and developing new applications. All sources are published under open source licenses, and anyone who wish to contribute are welcome. Please find the project on