The 3D prints!

A project log for Flip.Clock

A clock that uses flip display and show deadline time, clock time and other things..

makufelis-xyzmakufelis-xyz 08/21/2017 at 19:090 Comments

Alright, so my 3D prints arrived, printed from clear acryllic, these don't look completely clear though..

Now onto the fun part - snipping those sprues!

Having all those tiny prints I couldn't help but want to paint them, one problem though - I don't have any spray paint but I do have some epoxy resin and a bit of blue acrylic paint. OK so what if I did a recast of those buttons caps in a different color, took some general use silicone mold putty and made a mold.. And that's just What I did:

They definitely not the work of art but judging from the lack of a vacuum pump during this process I think these will be OK for a prototype. As for the setting time, it was about 8 hours. It was a slow setting epoxy, and the parts were tiny.. 

Threw the molds out right away, need to up the game the next time I try this sorta thing :D