Auditory scanning

A project log for SWAN open source AAC

A communicator for non-verbal disabled people. An acronym for SWitch to AlphaNumeric. An auditory scanned alphabet, message creator.

Roger CurryRoger Curry 08/20/2014 at 10:190 Comments

Everyone able to construct a word, knows the sequence of the alphabet. During auditory scanning, this is favourable, since the user is aware when the desired letter will be announced. Unfortunately the most commonly used letters are not in "alphabet order". This could be very annoying to a user of SWAN with excellent mental acuity.

letter frequencies, sorted alphabetically

In order to accommodate these folk, it's planned to have an option to scan through the alphabet in statistical order.

letter frequencies, sorted by frequency

Also, I'm experimenting with grouping of letters, to enable even faster selection. Text prediction is also possible, although beyond my software capabilities.