Prototyping the head tilt mechanism

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OpenRomiboOpenRomibo 08/31/2017 at 05:330 Comments

This prototype rig was accomplished using recycled parts and a few parts from the local hardware store. The setup is equivalent to a 3 point head tilt axis. It was hard to find a system at this scale without blowing budget on custom rigs. I wanted something simple and lightweight that I could make quick modifications to to get the actions just right. I am building this head tilt system onto the established internal structure. The head tilt will be for very simple movement such as soft breathing or curious head tilts.  

I am using 2 5kg servos for roll and a 20kg servos for pitch. The Arduino code currently is a simple modified servo motion loop with no interaction/sensor input as of yet.

The head tilt mechanism uses standard 20kg and standard 5kg servos.