• Leather has arrived! Let the prototyping begin!

    Magnus Selin08/29/2017 at 16:50 0 comments

    The leather has finally arrived and I can begin to make some prototypes.

    I realized two few things from the very beginning.

    1. Leather is quite hard to sew, so a nail and a hammer was necessary.
    2. The leather was also quite thick. I will probably have to go to a shop and find something thinner. It would probably be easier to sew it then too.

  • Now there's just the waiting...

    Magnus Selin08/06/2017 at 21:14 0 comments

    Leather, leather glue and thread have been ordered! I found a place where you could order 200g mixed leather very cheap. Now it will be exciting to see which colors they will send. Hopefully something that fits the headphones well. I am crossing my fingers and looking forward to next week.