Imagined Interactions!

A project log for MoonLITE

Interactive lighting elements for the mobility impaired. Designing a power supply for architectural scale interactive EL installations

foolfool 08/08/2017 at 17:110 Comments

To move off the wall, we experiment with a few different possible interactions which a mobility impaired person might use in order to engage with this project.

First we verify that we are capable of sensing touch through socks, to establish that touching with feet is a viable interaction (in addition to touching with hands).  Note that we have many modes of interaction published here, in open source down to arduino - but not yet populated with illustrations #visualwomen!

We also consider surfaces that would be natural to coat with EL paint.  One in particular which stands out is house hand rails.

We also begin considering the light switch as a possible control point, where touching the outside of the light switch can enable a natural secondary interaction (in contrast to flipping the light switch).

It is also worth noting that the capacitative sensing which we are building on can perform measurements at a distance, and can even be used to create a "visual theremin" effect (code here)