Success potential for a gamified app and possibility to help users quit nicotine

A project log for IKTA

IKTA is a mobile game that gamifies the process of quitting nicotine.

steven.kennedysteven.kennedy 08/08/2017 at 10:540 Comments

The use of e-cigarettes shows to be very effective in helping people reduce their nicotine consumption. According to the Association Indépendante des Utilisateurs de Cigarette Electronique, 62% of e-cigarette users reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke or completely stop smoking, and about 32% also quit nicotine altogether.

Although the success rate is already quite high for people without a game, we believe that gamifying the weaning process could result in even higher success rates. Gamificiation can improve motivation for users, and a digital quitting tool could help supplement support from family, friends, and medical professionals.

On the market, there currently exists some digital solutions to wean off of
nicotine, notably connected e-cigarettes. Connected e-cigarettes, developed by
several startups including, myVaps and Silversmoke, among others.
Several, including MyVaps, have failed due to lack of interest and little
funding, but one--Enovaps--is still in business according to our
research.  The apparent lack of interest in connected e-cigarettes and their
absence on the market is a barrier that we should take into serious
consideration as we continue the project. However, our long-term vision for
IKTA that is not limited to quitting cigarettes could be still be viable if the
market shows no interest for digitalizing the quitting process.