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julienJulien 08/09/2017 at 21:320 Comments

I ordererd the display on Olimex because they propose a documented panel with an integrated breakout board (see LCD-OLinuXino-15_6_sch.pdf). The bad news is that the board is actually glued to the panel (please don't do that). I partially succeded to remove the board, but a little part of the reflective sheet was torn ... Not so terrible, but there is now a little spot.

I modified the breakout board, particulary because there is a 12v input, and the board actually take 5v (to step up to 10v) for the backlight. It does not seems good to step down to 5v then step up to 10v (and the panel is rated up to 21v), and adapted the board to this need (schematics is a must).

R6 indicated as a 0v resistor is actually routed, so I needed to cut the route to separate the step-up chip and the DCDC_VCC signal. The jumper on PWR_JACK/5V_LCD_CON must be on the 5V_LCD_CON to be able to use the pin header, and change the PWR_JACK/10V_DCDC soldering jumper to DCDC_VCC. Now pin 1 (5.0V) which will use to provide 12V will be connected to the panel VLED directly. To avoid any problem, I changed the C3 22uF capacitor rated 6.3v to a 15v rated one.