August 25, Still here

A project log for Cubone! (Retropie encased in Gameboy DMG shell)

Gameboy handheld form factor capable of playing all emulation up to about a Playstation 1. I've been calling it Cubone.

nicholas-hillNicholas Hill 08/26/2017 at 01:330 Comments

      Classes started back up and it's been a hell of a week. Bout had a panic attack over learning differential equations from a speed teacher. Wound up dropping that course, will take it next semester with a different teacher. It's all about matching your learning styles people. 

      Anyways, after taking a long look at the amperage this Pi 3 is going to need I've decided to scale it back a bit. Gonna drop back to a Pi zero (which smacks of defeat) and limit the emulation up to Super Nintendo. I want this project up and running before the end of the semester. Just got a little more money on the side to pick up a 1000c booster and a zero. Going to be cheaper to order it from England and have it sent overseas then just ordering it directly from Adafruit with the shipping... probably order two of em just so I have one on hand for future projects too. The other Pi will go back to projects and desktop gaming. Still looking at the desktop variant of the Pi Boy as well, and having the wiggle room from a smaller form factor will help.  Keep hoping to see a free shipping promotion for Adafruit but haven't seen any yet. The most local store that carries them is an hour away. Getting settled into the school swing again though so I will be back on this project as soon as the parts come in.