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A project log for Cubone! (Retropie encased in Gameboy DMG shell)

Gameboy handheld form factor capable of playing all emulation up to about a Playstation 1. I've been calling it Cubone.

nicholas-hillNicholas Hill 12/04/2017 at 17:370 Comments

       Alright, semester is winding down! Got 3 finals in the next couple of weeks then it's back to me time for a couple of weeks. I have braided copper wires hopefully in my mailbox today to rewire the entire project because the solid copper wires are putting too much force on the pi and control board whenever I move them and I get a lot of solder breaks as a result. I also am redoing the thumb buttons (specifically the x and y buttons) to make them click better like the A and B buttons. I need to put in some option for an escape key, and also somehow a graceful shutdown command to the pi board. I keep loosing my config file because I get into a game, and have no way to back out to the main menu to shut down the pi. Also the caps for the audio filter came in, so we can make a low pass filter for the audio to get rid of some of the processor noise. A lot of this will be done after the 13th, with logs as we go.  A lot of people (relative to me) have been seeing this project, so I want to get it finished up and cut out some instructions for it when I'm totally finished so hopefully someone else can make them one too without as much hassle.