In the beginning of the CRI Summer School ( I started working on "The River Project" which focused on creating an installment to draw attention to water pollution, mentored by Dai Nguyen. During the project we visited a Pediatrical Farm in Normandy, and discussed on the possible ways to work on the project. Later on, due to consequent creative differences I separated my way from the project and started working on my own. 

My own project focuses on drawing attention to enviromental issues via creating an puclic installment as well, to do so, I started working on projection mapping. I was familiar with the concept projection mapping but I had to improve my skills to prepare a proper prototype. Even  though I worked by myself, I should pay my respects to the people who helped.

Here is the pipeline for my project:

1) I have made some research on projection mapping and some tutorials I could benefit from on the softwares I intended to use.

2) I designed a simple cube to start from the simple. I laser cut some plexiglass and assembled a cube. I experimented on the cube by using Resolume Arena 5 and a projector.

3) I started with modelling my 3D whale in Maya. It was a complicated process considering that the model was not going to be imported in a video game or visual effect, but was rather going to be assembled using cardboard. The more detailed the model was, harder it was to assemble.

4) In order to prepare a blueprint for the cardboard model, I first tried to use UV Mapping feature of Maya but, implementing folds and lasercut guidelines. Then I found the software called Pepakura Designer. This software helps you unfold a 3D model to create a papercraft. After a finished my blueprint, I laser cut the unfold pieces and started assemling.

5) The assembly was quite difficult. The detailed parts' folding was extremely hard and the material became very fragile during that process. Gluing pieces together involved "logistics" problems, sometimes it was impossible to glue the parts.  

6) After finishing the cardboard model, I started experimenting on Resolume Arena 5 again.

7) During our exhibition in City of Science and Industry ( I installed the projector and prepared the sound system. The visitors had contributed the project as well, I have met teachers, projection mapping enthusiasts and children having fun.