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Multipurpose, low cost hand tracking.

christopherChristopher 08/11/2017 at 03:210 Comments

Back dated June 30th 2017

The first wireless setup:

This is from back when I worked as a research assistant. We were investigating open source and accurate ways to get gesture input to a computer after seeing how simultaneously expensive and lacking commercial systems could be. One of the approaches was to try our hand at producing an open source gesture tracking system in-house, which I've forked to become Gestum after parting ways with the lab.

A lot of time was spent chasing full 3D tracking with IMUs. It just didn't have a prayer with current consumer hardware. Once we'd shifted focus to orientation/rotation based tracking things started to move a little faster. The image above is of a BNO055 IMU reporting rotations to an ATmega, which then sends them over an ESP8266 with telnet back to a desktop.