Use case for the Maker

A project log for Build Logger

A companion cube for makers, collecting pictures, audio, and text during a build, and serving up a build log web page to those nearby.

wes.falerwes.faler 08/20/2014 at 02:421 Comment

An example use case from the builder's perspective.

I turn on lights in the workshop. BL (Build Logger) speaks "Welcome" and I respond by speaking "Command start session". BL fully awakens, making Internet connections, opening its local web server, powering up all peripherals, and checking its SD card for consistency.

BL speaks "Remember Pictures". I grab my phone, tap the BL app, and snap a few shots of the bench, the pile of wood screws I just got from the store, and half opened Amazon box of goodies.

First things first, I caulk some cracks. That'll need time to dry. "Command one five start" and a 15 minute timer starts with an obliging "Beep" (the spoken word not the noise, because it's cooler).

Setting that aside, its time to solder. Holding a part in hand, "Command ef eee tee tee oh two two zero pinout". "Ground one drain two source three" comes back and that pesky FET's fate is sealed.

"Feed me". Ok, "Command record". "Hi again. Today, we're building the power supply for the next generation build logger. It's tricky because..." (spoiler removed) "... Command stop." Good, that'll really help with writing the next blog post.

"Command end session."


PointyOintment wrote 08/21/2014 at 20:26 point
I find that timer command a bit unnatural. You wouldn't say to someone standing in a kitchen "one five" and expect them to set the timer for fifteen minutes. I think a command like "Command timer fifteen minutes start" would be better.

Also, it's gate, not ground.

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