• Arduino Pro Micro + sigrok-cli + PulseView

    Gintaras Valatka09/21/2017 at 16:55 0 comments

     * Arduino code for 8 pin analyzer
     * Due/Pro Micro can be Serial.begin(0); 

    void setup() {
      Serial.begin(0); // <-- Add required speed like 2000000
      while (!Serial) ;

    void loop() { 


     * Run sigrok-cli
    sigrok-cli -i /dev/cu.usbmodem411 -I binary -O ascii --continuous 

    Can add more params like '--config samplerate=9600' <--- set the speed


    Dump raw data and import it into PulseView https://sigrok.org/wiki/PulseView

    dd if=/dev/cu.usbmodem411 of=./raw bs=1 count=1m

    The above can be achieved by counting 0-255

    Broken USB, homeless, no more testing... :( Lewisham Council making me sleep rough

  • Arduino Uno - faster than you can blink, Serial.begin(2000000);

    Gintaras Valatka08/14/2017 at 23:07 0 comments

    Arduino UNO serial @ 2000000Hz

    If to go even faster, one could analyse anything up to @100kHz, including I2C

    The lab is in storage - can no longer work

    Blame DWP, Lewisham Council