What's Next?

A project log for Économique Bionic Leg System

The project emphasizes on providing value for money by using a bionic leg for sprinters embedded with smart monitoring system.

premj20PremJ20 09/04/2017 at 10:520 Comments

We have obtained acceleration data from normal leg & bionic leg and analysed them so as to perfectly make the bionic leg imitate the normal leg characteristics.

A simple machine learning part would solve this problem. We are looking at incorporating Microsoft machine learning studio and azure cloud for obtaining the data from the sensors and training the bionic leg.

In addition to that we are also having the idea of deploying an A.I (Amazon Alexa , Google Home etc) to provide assistance and monitor to user's biological data and the integrity of the bionic system in the leg. This A.I is also based on machine learning so its possible for it to adapt to the operation of the bionic leg system.

Also the AI can give voice assistance during training sessions for calibration and adjustment of the bionic leg according to the other leg.