The Raspberry Pi combined with RetroPie has been my favorite subject for many of my builds.
It's just so much fun to build your own retro console and relive those old days of pixelated heroes.

Having used this combo to build several handhelds and an arcade cabinet, I was kind of running out of ideas on what to do next with it.
Until I came across this old 15" TFT screen for $5 at a yard sale and I thought to myself: "I can put that in a briefcase!"

It wasn't as straight forward as I thought at first as I had to design a frame that holds the screen in place.
But after giving it some thought and working things out in Illustrator, I had some pieces of plywood laser cut that form a frame that holds the screen firmly in place in the top of the case.

I ordered a pair of Chinese knock-off wired Xbox controllers and a Raspberry Pi 3B+ that I loaded with RetroPie and a few thousand games for the retro consoles we all love (NES, SNES, SEGA, Atari 2600, Gameboy, PS1).
An old PC soundblaster kit served as donor for the speakers and the amplifier.

Everything was fitted nicely into the case and covered up with some foamboard pieces and then laminated with funky foam.
As the finishing touch I 3D printed the Game Case logo to put on the outside of the case.

Here is a demonstration of the end result. I hope you like it!