RasPi Modular Acquisition Setup

General data acquisition and local data display using a Raspberry Pi.

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Data acquisition in an experimental setting is often straightforward with well defined boundaries on the amount of data needed, however, longer term monitoring often requires the use of a local display to visualize the acquired data, along with automated data transfer to a central repository.

The goal of this project is to document the creation of a relatively low power, modular data acquisition platform such that individual sensors can be attached via USB. The data acquired will be logged and pushed to a local display. Logged data will be transferred to a central repository at predefined intervals using WiFi.

In addition, utilizing Bluetooth beacons could allow for determining location data that can be correlated with sensor data.

The goal of this project is to verify usefulness of a Raspberry Pi acquisition system using a small touchscreen display.  During the planning stage of a more specific acquisition system, it became clear that a general acquisition setup would be useful for future projects.

The components are off the shelf hardware, except for perhaps the sensors. The software for querying the sensor and writing data to files will be coded in python for this system.  The expectation is that standard linux functions will be utilized for the wifi connection and file sync operations.  As stated, one of the project goals is to replace the LCD monitor with a small TFT display to minimize the power and space required for the hardware, though a standard display may function just as well if power/space limitations are not an issue.

An MSP430 launchpad board will be used to create the temperature sensor for this build, though the sensor itself is less important at this point in the project than the data flow from the sensor.

The project is currently in the early development stages. The RasPi hardware has been successfully powered.  Display and input functions have been verified.  Operating system is functional.  Next up for integration is the WiFi module.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Model B
  • 1 × LCD Monitor
  • 1 × USB temperature sensor
  • 1 × USB WiFi adapter

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