Quantity   Component name
2 × RFD900 Modem A superb modem designed in Brisbanne by RFDesign. It delivers a lot of power and has a very sensitive receiver.
1 × Trimble Copernicus GPS This GPS, when configured in AIR mode can allow us to gather GPS co-ordinates to an altitude of 50km
1 × LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera This camera takes 640-480 stills which can be tranferred via TTL Interface.
1 × Spot Messenger This provides some tracking backup services and assists in locating of payload after it has landed.
1 × 2mm Copper used to create the Helix Antenna for the ground station and the Cloverleaf Antenna for the payload.
1 × Beaglebone Black This is used in the groundstation to communicate with the payload via the RFD900 Modem.
1 × Tenda W311M Attached to the Ground Station Beaglebone Black, it creates an AP for our phone.
1 × HackHD Camera Takes video of the flight
3 × 37 gram 2000mAH LiPO Batteries Two of these in series powers the HAB main electronics for 5 hours. The other one is for the HackHD
1 × Arduino USBDroid This it the "brains" on the High Altitude Balloon payload.
1 × 12volt, 5amp Relay Used to initiate cut-down system
1 × 3cm Diameter PVC Pipe Used to construct the Spot Messenger Gimbal
1 × Exernal GPS Antenna Allows us to move GPS Antenna system far from components that cause interference.
2 × 5 volt, 3amp UBEC Used to power the RFD900 modems