a *slightly* redesigned PCB

A project log for LAMEBOY - another ESP12 handheld

fully portable ESP12 project with battery charging and power muxing

davedarkodavedarko 09/12/2017 at 06:381 Comment

Yesterday I've received my beautiful OSHPark boards and started to solder with the help of the stencil I got from Sadly I've noticed that the crystal I got is the wrong size and I need to touch up some connections (pins are shorted at the power muxing chip etc.) I also need to solder the front side, meaning buttons and RGB LEDs. 

Some thoughts about the parts used led me to change some footprints or completely  swap parts. Already a lot of work to do again, but hopefully this way production might be easier and is not dependent on getting parts on ebay for cheap, but having them available on large amounts on digikey and mouser etc.


davedarko wrote 09/12/2017 at 06:52 point

the PCB is still useable, by the way :D it's just a part that I have to wait for now - smaller crystal that is already on it's way. The wrong I2C connector doesn't hurt that much.

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