LIRC on C.H.I.P. is coming

A project log for TV Remote Control based on Head Gestures

A low cost, open-source, universal-like remote control system that translates the user's head poses into commands to electronic devices.

Cassio BatistaCassio Batista 11/16/2017 at 22:040 Comments

Right now, Erick is working his @ss out to make LIRC work on C.H.I.P.. The community has found a very strange way to make the PWM work on C.H.I.P.: via audio output pin. If everything goes well, the Arduino will be removed from the project soon. No more Bluetooth connection, no more IRremote lib... the $9 USD microcomputer will be the main, exclusive embedded platform of the remote control system.  We actually want that to happen because it will have an impact in the total cost of the project. 

I'm finishing my graduate thesis, so I'll be a Master of Science next month! Which also means I'm pretty fuc*ed up right now! If someone is seriously following our project and awaiting updates, I do apologize. Things will get better, I promise (actually, I hope).

-- CB.