Almost got the connectors figured out

A project log for NES Power Entry Module Replacement

A replacement board for the RF module that supports different AV options.

MatthewMatthew 08/18/2017 at 21:210 Comments

I'm trying to make a PCB that doesn't use slots. A lot of times slots cost extra. It just depends on the board house. It's not easy though. Having holes instead of slots means it's harder to overlap the connectors like I want to do. I think I finally managed to find an RCA jack that will fit in with the mini-DIN connector.

You have the option of populating either J9 or J5. The mini-DIN had to be pushed back about 3 mm from the edge of the PCB. Hopefully, this won't really be an issue, as you're going to have to widen the hole on the NES to accept the mini-DIN regardless.

Also, Altium really, really hates having two parts on top of one another.