First PCBs Are Back!

A project log for NES Power Entry Module Replacement

A replacement board for the RF module that supports different AV options.

MatthewMatthew 09/06/2017 at 19:210 Comments

So far, it's looks pretty good! I need to make a few adjustments to some hole sizes, and I need to move the board connector over about a millimeter. But other than that, it fits!

First test fit with RCA jacks

Also, I didn't give enough clearance around the heatsink for a SMD cap. Whoops!

Not enough clearance for ceramic cap.

I'm going to start building my RGB version, first because I simply cannot wait. Then I will test the component version of the PCB.

I'm going to take my time and play with my RGB NES for awhile. Once I get around to ordering some more PCBs, I'll take the old one out and test fit the new board. I've been taking plenty of pictures during the process. Once I finish rev 2, I'll make some nice step-by-step instructions.

For now, here's a few pics from today's build:

RGB version installed with SNES connectorRGB version installed with SNES connector. This is the same PCB with different connectors installed.NES RGB mod with my boardThe connector on my board makes for a very clean install with the NESRGB board.Retrofixes SNES connectorKnocked out the middle piece of plastic and filed it down. The SNES connector sits perfectly in the space where the RCA jacks would be.