Production PCB Fabrication Complete

A project log for TinyFPGA Programmer

A dirt cheap open hardware USB-JTAG board designed to program TinyFPGA A1 and A2 boards.

Luke ValentyLuke Valenty 09/09/2017 at 21:430 Comments

Looks like the production PCBs have completed fabrication.  Should be on track to receive them early next week.  Delivery for the pre-programmed PIC15F1455 micros is set for one week from today.  This means I most likely won't be able to sell any TinyFPGA Programmer boards for about a week and a half.

In the meantime I've been reorganizing the FPGA programming/configuration Python code around the git repos and consolidated the GUI in its own repo.  With this change the only programmer application you will need to use is the TinyFPGA Programmer Application.  It automatically recognizes TinyFPGA boards and programmers when they are connected and gives immediate feedback on connectivity and configuration status.

If all goes to plan the TinyFPGA Programmer Application will have a new release tomorrow that can program both #TinyFPGA A-Series and #TinyFPGA B-Series boards.