ASC - Alexa Sprinkler Controller

Low cost, Alexa Enabled IoT 8 zone sprinkler controller based on the ESP8266

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This project aims to produce a low cost replacement for COTS sprinkler timers. ASC or Alexa Sprinkler Controller features an ESP8266 MCU at its core. Alexa voice and web interface will provide control functionality via WIFI.

My home came with a multi controller 24 zone DIY sprinkler system installed. The previous owner must have been something of an irrigation enthusiast as there are more than 40 sprinkler heads, white PVC pipe above ground in several locations, and 3 independent 8 zone controllers. While surveying the system I discovered that one of the controllers is malfunctioning, a solenoid is stuck open, and I have no idea how this system is wired. 

Project Goals

1. Replace malfunctioning controller for under $50 

2. Source everything from, tooling, 3D printed parts, and misc hardware excluded.

3. Support 8 zones (solenoids) and drop in functionality to replace COTS controller. 

4. Alexa voice command on/off functionality

5. Sprinkler timer support without the use of RTC module, pull time from NTP server. (0600 water time)

6. Mount device in water proof enclosure, IP67 rating

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